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Male Chastity Device

SET DICKCAGE DUO Price : $ 149.00 /pce
New Model June 2015 - Ver. 2

This device provides several innovations of chastity. The first innovation is the tube of the cage. The tube is inserted completely into the ring. The tube covers the entire penis. The second innovation is the assembly of two parts that allows movement in multiple degrees of freedom while ensuring the lock. It is a solid product. Dickcage allows to make activities at work, at home and in a sporting activity.

Tube diameter : 34 mm
Air holes : 5
Total length of the cage : Standard 90 mm - Small 70 mm

Comes with 1 padlock 15-mm rust proof (high-grade) and 2 keys

Choice your tube: 

Ring diameter : 

Choice of colors:

Cage only -  Model DickCage Duo
Fits all rings DickCage Duo
CAGE FOR DUO Price : $ 96.00 /pce
The cage fits inside the ring. Once the cage in place, it is impossible to remove the device.

Comme with closure rivet

Choice your tube: 

Choice of colors :

Ring DickCage Duo

Ring black Dickcage

RINGS FOR DUO Price : $ 53.00 /pce
The shape of the ring DickCage Duo offers the advantage of being adaptable to all body types and be flexible. The cage is closed on a central axis articulated allowing movement and keeps the cage securely fixed to the ring.

Comes in 3 sizes

Ring diameter : 

Choice of colors :

Petit cadenas pour cage de chastet masculine SMALL BRASS PADLOCKS

Price : $ 11.00 /pce    


MILKING TOOL Price : $ 44.00 /pce
For milking and prostate massage, milking Special - Swiss Made - 100% medical grade silicone.
Simple, understated and very effective.
The ideal tool for a long period of chastity!

+ Info on MilkingTool -->
A prostate massager not used as a plug. Once in place, the movement made ​​up and down, not back and forth like a plug. The head of the stimulator must rely alternately on the prostate.

Lenght : 105 mm

Choice of colors :

Water-based lubricant WATER-BASED LUBRIFIANT

Price: $ 19.00

Price : $ 19.00 /pce    


Produced is distributed under license, we design our product in partnership with a company based in Switzerland. We are able to distribute our products worldwide.

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