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Our packages are very discreet. No text or trademark logo appears on our packaging


I manufacture and distribute the brand "DickCage" under license and in partnership with Novamédia, based in Switzerland. For sales information, please go directly home.

Av. de Vernand-Dessus 3
1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne
Téléphone : 0041 21 731 72 30
Fax : 0041 21 731 72 90

For further information, you can send your emails to :

List of countries delivered and delivery charges

Dickcage History 2010/2012

October 2010
Beginning of the project "DickCage"

March 2011
The first prototype was born. It is tried locally to 8 people. Many changes are highlighted and corrected.

May 2011
The second version of the prototype is tested with 12 beta testers around the world. They were chosen based on their past experiences. Again, many points are put forward as hygiene or documentation.

June 2011
The site opens to the public. Many people come to us in order to receive this new product. Unfortunately, excited by the many user requests, we made an error in production. The tube is not the form that had previously been validated. We close the site and we warn all our customers for this error. A new cage will be sent in July as replacement. I want to thank all our customers who have been very understanding and patient.

July 12, 2011
After checking (several times) that our product corresponds exactly to our expectations, we open officially on site July 12, 2011. Now it remains to bring our product to the users and keyholders of chastity cages.

June 2015
Release of version 2 of Dickcage. Some improvements were made in the tube. The rivet is inserted directly into the tube and a new support maintains the Padlock







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